Wednesday 9 June 2010

The New Residents

Those of you that have visited the cottage recently will most probably be aware that we have another type animal on site. You may have spotted them outside of the cottage garden bathing in their brand new pond.

We have now got 4 Indian Runner ducks. We got the first pair about a month ago they are named 'The Captain' and 'Agatha'. The captain is quite an eager 'fella' if you know what I meen. He is often seen on top of Agatha while pushing her head down underwater. Quite the gentleman you could say.

However when purchasing the first pair of ducks we also ordered a pair of Khaki Campbell ducks. But I'm afraid to announce they have gone to a better place.........don't worry they're not dead they just flew off at the first opportunity they got and never returned. However we have heard reports from the local farmer that there are some strange looking ducks lurking round the river. So while driving past please keep your eyes peeled out of the window.

About a week ago we invested in another pair of Indian runners who are recently hatched (9weeks old). They are named 'Homer' and 'Marge'. They were born in a small-holding farm near Bala. Both are still very young at the moment and have not developed their waterproof coats therefore they are kept separated from the other pair. As there is a danger that while swimming in the pond their feathers may become waterlogged and they could drown.

So for now Homer and Marge are kept in the vegetable garden and have a much smaller pond made out of an old plastic drawer.

In the next few days we are expecting another 2 additions one of whom looks quite ferocious but is a softy at heart.

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