Thursday 23 September 2010

Some serious mushrooms

Today I went for a walk with my family to the Goedol Gorge. The perfect place to spend a wet and windy miserable day. The tree canopy is so dense, not a single raindrop ever touches you once you're under the trees.

The Goedol Gorge itself was magnificent, it was in full flood and was incredibly noisy. However the wonderful waterfalls were not the highlight of the walk /explore, definitely not. The real highlight was the unbelievable abundance of mushrooms.

Not just any mushrooms, we're talking edible mushrooms. Not just any edible mushroom though, we even found what we think is the penny bun. The Penny Bun is the second tastiest mushroom in the entire world second only to the legendary truffle.

Wait it get's better we also discovered a gigantic Cauliflower fungus bigger than a football, it was unbelievable. Another rare one we spotted was the hedgehog fungus which has soft hedgehog spikes on its underside instead of gills.

Click here to view a video I made part of today The Mushrooms and Fungi of Snowdonia!

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