Saturday 27 November 2010

Snowdeck in Snowdonia

The last Friday in November and the 2nd day of Haydn walking to catch the bus to school with flakes the size of 50ps covering our steps. As we crossed the stile at the top hairpin, the fencing contractors, on their way to a job in the reserve, drove naïvely upwards. A couple of hours later they walked off the mountain leaving their 4x4 with a slight bump from gliding sideways into a stone wall.

After lunch the phone call to say school had closed early – sunshine, fresh snow, a few magic hours of winter wonderland. Upstairs, hidden in the wardrobe, the yet-to-be-wrapped Xmas present called out to be given early.

The snowdeck, ordered online and delivered from the USA, was brought down and tested on the snow. Like a skateboard but instead of wheels beneath, another skate - a short, double-decker snowboard without the foot straps. And away he went with Molly the pup in hot pursuit. See how they got on!

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