Wednesday 9 March 2011

Giant egg cups?

Valentine’s Day came and went and, despite the best assurances of our poultry expert, our goose failed to lay an egg – at least nowhere we could find it. But then a few days ago we found a broken one in the stream with the yolk floating like something unpoached. 

Now the geese have settled into a routine. Every other day, as soon as their door is opened, Merry the buff coloured female makes a beeline for an evergreen bush beside the log shed. Within seconds she has settled down to laying, whilst Pippin, the all white male, waddles down to guard his beloved against all comers.

About 45 minutes later Merry can be seen lifting leaves and branches to cover the egg before the pair depart for feeding, maybe a swim and a bit of duck-bashing – a favourite sport.  

While the coast is clear Sue reaches in to remove the egg. Huge! At 8 ounces you’d need an enormous egg cup and exceedingly long ‘soldiers’.  

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