Tuesday 19 April 2011


The crackling on Sunday 10th April was not the pork but dead bracken in flames beneath the trees, just down the line. Smoke was rising from another fire at Coed y Bleiddiau and another in the Tan y Bwlch direction. 999.

Fire brigade response is always good but rarely fast in these remote sections, about 45 minutes to an hour. With hessian sacks we managed to put it out just a few feet short of a clearing full of knee high, dead grass – if that had started it would have burned many, many acres in the foothills of Moelwyn Bach.

Hessian sacks not too good and hopefully we will get some proper beaters before the next occasion.   

It’s difficult to know for sure the cause of a fire but these 3 and others further up the line coincided with the passing of an engine called Lilla. A serial arsonist would struggle to cover the ground, unless working as part of a team, or maybe he was on board?

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