Thursday 22 September 2011

Spot the difference?

Next year’s nesting swallows are going to miss their perch on the electricity cables but we’re not sad to see the last of the unsightly mess of frayed cabling. 

Re-pointing work is needed on the gable end of the front house to stop the chimney leaking - there's a dark brown stain of tarry deposits half way down.  But scaffolders wouldn’t erect the scaffolding with dangerous old cables so Scottish Power came to our rescue. While we were at it, we decided to send the cables underground.

Digging the trench 18 inches deep for 35 yards or so was quite challenging - especially the first stretch which was full of huge boulders. Fortunately Paul ‘Obelix’ Marsh was with us that day. The final section beneath the drive had to be dug beneath 3 sets of pipes so extra care needed with pick axe and crow bar.

As for the climbing hydrangea, motley array of shrubs and ragged fencing – they have all gone and the clear lines of the building are revealed making it seem that bit taller.  

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