Sunday 6 November 2011

Strimming the piste

Snow came thick and stayed long last winter and surely it will do the same this year? In anticipation we’ve ordered 2 sets of ‘back country skis’, like ‘cross country’  but more rugged. The toes are fixed to the ski and the heel is loose to allow that ‘economic’ sliding motion. That’s the theory – we’ve never done it before so time will tell.  

What is back country? Our take is that it’s the geography outside the back door i.e. Moelwyn Bach. Some of the foothills have lots of sharp rocks so we’ve been busy preparing the piste. Judicious strimming will mark out the better runs – if there’s no bracken sticking out through the snow it must be one of the planned runs.

Our resort offers something for everyone with black, red, green and blue runs. Winter Olympics one of these days.

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