Saturday 28 January 2012

Clogs at Campbells

My Christmas present from Sue, a pair of hand-made clogs from Trefor Owen of Cricieth. About a year ago I went for my fitting.  Outlines of my socked feet were drawn onto blank sheets of A4 with measurements over the top of the foot. My feet were fondled to ascertain future bunions that could be accommodated into the design.

After the measuring I selected the style and materials. He explained that the busy time was upon him as children were beginning to rehearse their dances for Eisteddfodau – I opted for the non-dancing version without fancy buckles and frills. I foolishly said I was in no rush which is why it took 12 months!

I went for a fitting at which my toes were pressing into the front end. A few days later I went back to collect the final product which now fitted perfectly. At the moment I’m wearing them for 20 minutes or so a day to break them in and get used to them.

With a wooden sole carved out of large chunks of sycamore (from Glynllifon, just up the road) there is a definite technique to be mastered. Next time you’re on holiday in the area why not order a pair? What a souvenir.

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  1. Didn't know that there was a clog maker in Criccieth. As you may know I am a hoarder of unusual information about the area and this is a new one for me... Thank You!