Tuesday 5 June 2012

The big yellow bird

The drive to Campbell’s Cottage takes you steeply through pristine nature reserve giving a bird’s eye view into the trees. First time visitors are a bit pre-occupied with negotiating hairpins and ignoring the steep cliffs so they sometimes miss some of our specialities. Right now it’s a busy time for the pied flycatchers feeding their chicks. There are lots of nesting boxes but I always prefer to watch them in a natural nest. This short film clip below shows a nest near the bottom hairpin.

I suspect it’s not that big inside; last year I watched a squirrel race away from my car into the hole, where it froze, with its tail hanging out like a bell pull.

Back up at Campbell’s Cottage there was a big yellow bird in the sky; mountain rescue in operation. It went to and fro in front of the northern slopes of the Rhinogydd for about twenty minutes. Must have been a tricky retrieval.

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