Tuesday 26 June 2012

Stealth chicken

Over the years many chickens have enjoyed the free range lifestyle around Campbell’s Cottage. Once in a while we would lose one or two to a fox but just recently there has been a spate of attacks. Betty the brown one, Mo the large white, Flo the small white and Maisy and Daisy, two new ones, who lasted just 24 hours. That leaves just Jo, the large black one. What is the secret of her success? Is she coated in some sort of protective veneer like a stealth bomber invisible to radar? 

For the time being we have decided not to fight nature and to take a break from keeping chickens – we are sorry for any disappointment this causes. We will look after Jo as best we can, being extra vigilant to make sure she gets locked up early on dull or misty evenings. She seems happy enough to be on her own and positively pleased to be rid of the newcomers, Maisy and Daisy. 

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