Wednesday 5 September 2012

Singing for the Organ

Long ago I stopped making negative new year resolutions, like less this and that. These days, after a glass of wine, I like to be enthusiastic and that’s how I ended up with sore knees and a big smile at the end of my first trail marathon. My other resolution for this year was to join a choir and perform in a concert. But time had been running out with little progress until a fortuitous invite arrived by email.  

I’ve applied and, even though I explained my lack of experience, have been accepted into the choir that will be formed on Saturday morning (29th September) to perform A Fistful of Glorias that evening. The venue is St Paul’s Church Llandudno and the cause is the William Hill (nothing to do with gambling) organ, installed in 1910, which needs a £150,000 overhaul.

By 7.30pm I’ll be in my suit ready to sing Vivaldi’s Gloria and Glorias by Bach, Handel, Palestrina and Weelkes. If you’d like to join the choir, please contact Alison Smith on 07955 070885 or by email to If you’d like to enjoy the concert I am assured there are some proper job singers and all you need do is arrive and make a donation.

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