Sunday 7 April 2013

Fox's Glacier Mint on Moelwyn Bach

Last weekend walking up Moelwyn Bach the ice sculptures were fantastic, wind-shaped and modified with successive thaw-freeze. From about 600 metres up the snow was covered with a thin layer of ice glistening in the sun, crunching beneath our boots with chunks sliding down the mountain. The summit cairn looked a bit like a half-sucked Fox’s Glacier Mint on one side with bare rock the other.

Walking down towards the coast we followed the wavy trail of a snowboarder as far as the snow line when out popped a badger in a hurry to get down or away from us. It reached the stone wall above the forest, trotted (and skidded) over the drifted snow until it reached its spot, dug down and squeezed through the stock wire and a badger sized gap in the base of the wall.  They look such bulky creatures I didn’t expect them to get through such small openings. Here it is a bit wobbly at 18 x zoom with no tripod.

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