Sunday 27 October 2013

Living offa the fatta the lan

Last Saturday of the month, must go to the Porthmadog local produce market; no pre-planned menu, just see what’s available. A pair of sea bass fillets and a dressed crab from Gill’s Plaice. Radicchio grown in the polytunnels at Gardd Deudraeth. Kurmang’s latest invention, a flat bread with sesame seeds.

As I drove home a Jamie Oliver recipe came to mind. Drat! I should have bought some mushrooms from the Mushroom Garden. Stopped off at my favourite wood for chanterelles but slim pickings, just a few, enough for flavour and probably the last of the season.

After lunch Sue and myself went cranberry picking up the mountain, squelching in the bog, parting the sphagnum to reveal bright red berries linked by thin vines. Growing conditions must have been good and we harvested much more than last year, an ice cream tub, enough to make some sauce for our neighbours as well.

Saturday dinner tasted great. Crab with radicchio salad and warm flat bread followed by ‘Seabass à la Tony Blair’ on a bed of oven roasted potato from the garden. 

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