Thursday 22 May 2014

Gardens at Campbell's

May is my favourite garden month with a riot of colours and so much promise. Tender young plants are hardening off on tables and chairs ready for release into the wild where they’ll have to combat the slugs. Slugging is a twice daily chore and beer traps are planted in amongst the runner beans which are surrounded by a ring of wood ash.

Up on the platform Bird’s-foot Trefoil is poking through the grass. It takes precision strimming to cut the grass and not the flowers! Penstemon and wild geranium are immune to the goats and sheep. On the far side of the track on that steep bit of rock beneath the fence we’ve planted nasturtiums which hopefully will cascade down without being eaten. Will the FR herbicide reach up there?

Words can't do it justice. In case you don’t visit at this time of year this is what the cottage garden, platform garden, vegetable garden and Dduallt garden were looking like on 21st May.

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