Saturday 21 June 2014

Badger sett to fox's den

On Friday (6th June) Hazel and Dave, who were on holiday at Campbell's Cottage, set up their wildlife camera on the nearby badger sett in the hope of getting some badger footage; there were 18 good film clips over the weekend, but none contained a badger.

A couple of months earlier, maybe March or April, I saw a dead badger on the bottom lane and my neighbour said there had been a second one. Was that the nucleus of the sett wiped out? I think this is a satellite of a much larger sett about half a mile away.

Nature abhors a vacuum and foxes have taken up residence. In the YouTube film the latest time they returned to their adopted den was 07:34 and the earliest time of leaving was 20:40. About 1 minute into the film an adult is carrying something in its mouth and a few seconds later there are the terrified or outraged screams of some creature(s). A squirrel maybe? Anyone got any ideas?

Thanks Hazel and Dave for sharing this with us.

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