Wednesday 25 June 2014

Bounce Below

A triple decker of trampolines inside a cavernous slate chamber; it has to be experienced to be believed. I stepped onto the middle deck some 60 feet above the floor and my 60 years felt like 6. Falling over was effortless and so too the laughs that followed. Getting from one end to the other was a piece of cake with Neil Armstrong type moonwalk strides. Pretty soon and despite the constant year round temperature of 8°C I was sweating from the exertion and nervous excitement.

From here it was up the netting gangway to the top deck 20 feet above. No steps but as you walked upwards, the side netting closed in on you, keeping you safe and secure. Slight tinges of vertigo as lighting revealed how high we were. Then down the slide, so steep at first but quick deceleration through the net tunnel.

This is going to be a smash hit with visitors. Something for everyone from aged 7 upwards; a train ride through the mountain then bounce to your heart’s content. The capacity of the cavern is up to 100 people at a time with as many as 60 on the middle trampoline.  Introductory offer is £15 for a 60 minute session. Further details at

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