Wednesday 12 November 2014

Mushrooms and other fungi looking good

The vegetable garden is still looking relatively good; cosmos blooms are just about hanging on, nasturtiums are brighter than ever, lots of tall yellow flowers have grown from the green manure mix. Autumn-sown broad beans, onions and garlic are all putting on lots of new growth.

But mushrooms are the stars of the show and there’s a profusion at the base of the dead sycamore tree. I don’t know what they are but they look good and are surely NOT for eating. 

On the front lawn are many different kinds of waxcaps plus two strange-looking types of club fungus. 

At first I thought the black one was ‘dead man’s fingers’ but my ID guide says they grow on wood. These are growing on grass so are a type of ‘earth tongue’ – although having said that, they might be growing out of a dead tree-root beneath the grass. Complicated stuff this natural history. Next to the black is a bright yellow one which I suspect is the ‘apricot club’. 

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  1. Do you know what these club fungus is? I have similar growing in my lawn on Phillip Island Victoria Australia. The soil is very sandy and so reasonably well drained.