Sunday 5 April 2015

Ras y Moelwyn Cometh

Easter Sunday began with an early mist that cleared 5 minutes after I set off up Moelwyn Bach, with Molly, but without sun hat. Too far to want to turn back to get one; surely the rays wouldn’t be too strong this time of year. But they were too much for my now reddened and receding hairline. That apart, it was perfect, not a breath of wind, crystal clear atmosphere and long welcoming views.

Near the top, at the false peak, the ridge of rocks that looks down on the house, was a memorial to R. A. J. 1982 with an arrow pointing in a line somewhere between Llan Ffestiniog and Trawsfynydd. Maybe a farmhouse? I must try and find out who R. A. J. was and why this memorial on Moelwyn Bach. 

Also near the top were huge quantities of frog spawn, more so than in the lower ponds. Is there some rivalry to see who can spawn the highest? Are there fewer predators higher up?

I looked down the steep descent to Stwlan dam and remembered that Ras y Moelwyn is just a few days away, on 18th April. This year is the first time that the race is part of the British Championships and instead of the usual 100 to 120 entries there are already 485! Should I start training or just take my camera along? I’ve finished in the top 90 on previous occasions but I suspect that won’t be possible this year. This is what Ras y Moelwyn looks like:

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