Thursday 16 April 2015

The Glaslyn Osprey Saga

Jimmy is heartbroken
Since 2004 the ospreys on the Glaslyn have produced 2 or 3 chicks each year. They mate for life, overwinter in Africa and travel separately. This year Mrs G arrived back in mid-March and has been waiting impatiently for her mate who has thus far not returned; it’s looking increasingly likely that he has died and will not return. Is that the end of the dynasty? 

Just recently a young male osprey born in Dumfries, nicknamed Jimmy, has been wooing Mrs G. I visited the excellent new visitor centre this morning as Mrs G was eating a fish which Jimmy had delivered to the nest. Could this be love?

The latest report says that Jimmy has already been ousted, and by Blue 80, a male born at the Glaslyn in 2012. Blue 80 is thought to have been mating with his Mum! Is this good news? Will the offspring be well balanced?

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