Thursday 2 July 2015

Three new (to us) wild goats

The peace and quiet of recent early mornings has been broken by the horn of a works train going up the line. Today we were woken by the plaintive bleats of three goats.

I took Molly out for her morning toilet and they were up by the railway; the female and the kid eating tree leaves, the male eating thistle tops and foxgloves. This is a new and very young family unit, the parents probably in their third year, with striking black and white markings. The male has a completely black face apart from a blob of white on his nose. The female and the kid with stripes as if wearing masks to a masked ball. Have they come down from above the line?

As we watched from by the veg patch the works train arrived causing a mini stampede as they ran down the bank to escape down the drive; but Molly and me were in the way. This is what they looked like:

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