Sunday 2 August 2015

Bilberries - so much better than Ribena

Ribena’s been in the news this week. Like many people I naïvely thought it was vaguely healthy, just pressed blackcurrants in a bottle, but it’s about to be banned by Tesco as a sugar-laced contributor to obesity.

If you’re looking for a weight watcher’s alternative I can recommend picking bilberries which are in season now and will continue until late August depending upon the weather. By the time you’ve picked them you’ll have lost more calories than you might gain.

It takes about half an hour to get a cupful. Using a ‘bilberry comb’, sweeping through the tops of the bushes, is much faster but less therapeutic and collects a lot of unwanted leaves and twigs.

Last night’s dessert was Greek style yogurt with bilberries and we’ll have some with our breakfast cereals; purple milk is such a colourful start to the day.

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