Sunday 13 June 2010

The Disappearance of Beryl

I am very sorry to inform you that one of the Muscovy Ducks has disappeared. Her name was Beryl she was the long suffering wife of Boris. She was last seen flying west down the drive at mid-day.

Mum sent me out on a search to try and find her. I spent over an hour trudging through soaking bracken, but no luck she was nowhere to be found. I checked the road the waterfall path, the bluebell meadow, the garden and the immediate area around the house. We had hoped that she would return just before dusk but to ours and Boris's disappointment she didn't.

Our thoughts and feelings are with Boris who seemed incredibly sad and depressed today, he hasn't touched his food and seemed a lot less lively. At least tonight nobody will complain about his snoring.

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