Monday 21 June 2010

The Re-appearance of Beryl

Sorry for the delay in posting a new post.

For those of you that were left in unbearable suspense due to the disappearance of Beryl, we have good news. She was found late evening the day after we lost her.

However the finding of her was not so straight forward. Around 4 in the afternoon the farmer came up to do some gathering of the sheep. He told us that he had spotted a strange white bird by Tal-y-Bont in the land between the two roads. (At the end of the road by Dol-y-Moch). Mum and I rushed down with a fishing net.

We drove to Tal-y-Bont but saw nothing. Then we went on the main road back to the start of the road by the Oakeley Arms and did a lap of the road again. No luck. We stopped at Tal-Y-Bont to talk to Dennis a neighbour to ask if he had seen the bird. He had. Brilliant I thought. It was a chicken he said. Not so brilliant I thought.

We travelled back home up the road seriously querying the sanity of the farmer. How could a farmer mistake a chicken for a duck. Yes a farmer. It was a bit of a wild goose chase you could say. No let me re-phrase that- a wild duck chase.

Later that night in the lounge we were relaxing to an Inspector Frost mystery when the phone rang. It was the local farmer (Dewi) again he had spotted a white bird in his fields. Although we were dubious about his identification skills due to our last expedition we were on action stations immediately.

I rushed to the shed and retrieved 2 long sticks and a fishing net. While Mum and Dad got some other cunning devices to try and trap this tricky customer. We loaded up the jeep and raced down the hill. We drove over the bridge and onto the maze of fields.

We drove across to the other side where the farmer was and parked up next to him. He led us to the birds location and amazingly it was not a chicken, not a seagull, or a deformed lamb it was Beryl.

I got out my fishing net and we attempted to corner Beryl. Luckily for us she's a little chunky and therefore can't take off on flat ground. But that did not mean she was easy to catch, far from it. It took us about half an hour. The farmer even got his dog out to help.

Eventually dad managed to throw the net over her and jump on the net so she couldn't get out. We kept her in the net all the way home as we did not want her flying about in the jeep.

When we put her back in her house with the near suicidal Boris, he was over the moon. I have never seen such a happy animal his excitement was indescribable. He was practically dancing while wagging his tail just like a dog looking at a huge plate of sausages. However she didn't seem so happy to see him she went and hid in a corner.

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