Wednesday 21 July 2010


Our duck collection is growing by the day. We have Boris and Beryl who look after the main drive. Then The Captain and Agatha supposed to be 2 runners but have since discovered they are crosses. We do not mind they are just fun to watch. We thought they needed company so introduced the Adam and Eve 2 young runners. It was chaos the Captain spent the whole day chasing Eve much to the consternation of Agatha. It was a bit like the keystone cops they would go round and round in circles, until the Captain had his way. Then disaster Eve sprained her leg so had to remove her and Adam to the safety and relative peace of the vegetable garden. A friendly expert came and checked her over and prescribed rest and a name change!! Adam and Steve will stay in the veg. garden until fully recovered from their trauma. Keep watching this space as we are expecting other arrivals in the near future.

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