Wednesday 21 July 2010

Animal Hospital

Fly our very gentle sheepdog seemed to be getting lazier and lazier and then she got a cough!! At first we thought it was just an allergy after all Haydn had a hay fever type cough why not Fly. However she got worse and there was no putting it off. A visit to vets was called for. Pneumonia!!! Tablets were administered. After 3 days there was no real improvement so this time she was admitted over night to the hospital and X-rays taken. The poor girl had an abscess in her lungs. After a day she could come home on more medication and strict instructions for complete rest. She has now recovered but her life is so different she loves the indoors and following Huw around. If he moves so does she however she is still banned from carpeted areas otherwise I think she would have progressed up stairs to sleep next to Huw.

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