Tuesday 17 August 2010

Duck war

If only all the ducks could be like the geese! We had introduced two more ducks to the Captain and Agatha. Charlie a black runner and Chelsea a beautiful cross breed. Once again The Captain asserted his dominance and started pushing Charlie around, not letting him near the pond or feeder. We hoped things would settle down with the geese being around and for a while things were quiet on the front line. Steve was still on antibiotics from his encounter with The Captain and recuperating with Adam in the veg. garden. Boris and Beryl had settled down with the other ducks with Beryl seemingly loving the company of anyone other than Boris. And Boris just loved finding a patch on higher ground and lording it over everyone. Then we went out for a few hours and returned to out and out war. The Captain was bruised and had a grazed face and Charlie was a shivering wreck with a large patch of his feathers removed to reveal bright red skin. Neither duck seemed prepared to stop fighting. We separated out the two offenders and put them in boxes overnight, administering antibiotics to both. In the morning we transferred Adam and Steve to the main duck house and put the 2 offenders in the veg patch to recuperate...but they were not finished and continued to fight. Both of them suffering from injuries. So with a heavy heart both ducks were put down.

We thought our problems were solved but back at the front line Boris and Beryl were asserting their dominance and attacking Adam and Steve. Another removal to the veg patch where they remain. They have attempted a couple of escapes through the fence and onto footpaths, each time spotted and returned. Peace has now descended on duck pond and we are delighted to report that Agatha and Chelsea seem besotted with Adam and Steve. They on the other hand are not too sure what to do with all the attention!!!

Sit back and enjoy!


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