Tuesday 17 August 2010

‘’Mary had a little lamb’’

At last we took delivery of Merry and Pippin our 8 week old goslings. Under instruction we locked them in their house for 2 hours and then let them out. We were advised just to sit and chat to them. They just love to natter back and really respond to your voice. They are like babies although quite big and keep tripping over things or toppling into the pond. The first time they heard the train whistle they came running to Haydn for reassurance. They went to bed as good as gold and this morning they just followed me for as long as I wanted. Eventually as we do have work to do..I tried to escape only for them to catch me around a tree. So I had to wait until they were busy preening and then I managed to slip away. Haydn has been expanding the pond for them and he has also been nattering away to them So now they will respond to either one of us. An absolute delight. Here's a bit of fun we had with them


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