Thursday 29 August 2013

Wooden Boulder is Back

It’s back on display in the Afon Dwyryd, on the bend with an island, opposite Bryn Mawr. At least I’m assuming it’s the real McCoy and not a replica knocked up in someone’s garden. 

It all started in 1978 with the base of a large oak tree being carved into the shape of a boulder, somewhere on the banks of the stream that flows down through Coed y Bleiddiau. It was washed by floods or pushed downstream until in 1994 it was stuck by the bridge at Bronturnor where it got a helping hand from the Council. For years it moved up and down the estuary until disappearing from sight about 10 years ago. Had it gone out into the ocean? Or was it stuck in the sand?

There have been reports of it being seen since 2009 but this is the first time I have ever seen it. The river is a dynamic place; where will it be after the next downpour in the mountains?  

For more information including a film of the tide flooding in around the boulder go to this blogpost.


  1. Is this the same wooden boulder first carved by David Nash and chronicled in Roger Deakin's book Wildwood?

  2. I think so but apart from asking David how can I be certain? Maybe I will.

    1. It's May, 2014 - did you ever ask David about the boulder - original or not?

    2. I did and it certainly is. It's still in the same position today.