Friday 18 April 2014

Dead baby goat

Bitten, drawn and quartered
Guests were leaving today and Sue took the young children for a walk with Molly around the house so their Mum and Dad could pack and tidy. Along the way an animal leg was found. We went back later on and found the leg, then the body, then a little further on was another leg, another and then the fourth.  All belonged to a baby; was it lamb or goat? It looks more like hair than wool so I think it was a kid goat.

A pair of kids were born in February, just down the drive, and we feared that maybe this was one of them. A phone call to neighbours gave us the reassuring answer that both kids were alive and well, threatening that neighbour’s garden.

The strange thing was the layout of the dead limbs, scattered across maybe a quarter of an acre. Our farmer suggested this might be something about the fox marking its territory.

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