Sunday 3 May 2015

Goats looking wonderful

I knew the goats were in the reserve, just below the house; Sue had seen them as she drove down the hill. I picked up a camera and collected a tripod from my car, then decided not to walk; I’d be less threatening inside a vehicle.

As predicted, they pretty much ignored me, and for about half an hour I watched and filmed as they worked their way towards the waterfall at the top hairpin. All seven of the family were present which was good to see. I’d not seen the young kids and their mum for a couple of weeks.

The aunt gave a good demonstration of climbing trees and sucking young leaves off branches. At one stage the mum demonstrated to the kids how to scratch yourself on the side of a rock; the kids haven’t quite got the hands of it yet!

Pied Flycatchers and Redstarts are back in force arranging their nests. So far no-one is making a nest where the Redstarts were last year, just above the front door. This film clip shows the parents delivering the food and the male removing the fecal sac.

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