Monday 4 May 2015

May Day in my Mind

How I imagined it
May Day weekend was cool, damp and grey. With first time visitors Sam and Lou, I felt obliged to organise some mountain walking and they felt equally obliged to humour me. Sue dropped us in the rain at Croesor and we walked all of 50 yards to Caffi Croesor, which I thought was closed, BUT NO, it’s very much open again. Wednesday to Sunday 10:30 to 17:30. or phone 01766 771433.

Finn and Lizzie were busy baking bread and preparing for the day’s customers; Caffi Croesor looks better than ever and it was tempting to abandon the walk.

Half way up to Rhosydd we were into slushy sleet either side of the path, not slippery, just wet and cold. As for the path, it was an impromptu stream in need of drainage channels to stop it washing away. We didn’t dwell long at the top and dropped down into Cwmorthin; isolated fingers in wet gloves with strong wind OUCH! Much warmer without gloves and with my fingers taking turns in my mouth.
The reality

The next part of the plan was to catch the up train from Tanygrisiau which we could see at the far end of the lake, its plumes of white smoke rising high in the wind, as we munched our sarnies. A special down train rolled silently into the station and came to a halt on the platform behind. And then it was our Fairlie, pulling the ten or so carriages, with its female guard, who had jumped out, walking alongside the slow moving train. As she approached, and we signalled that we wanted to get on, it was clear that the driver would not be stopping. As she hurriedly hopped back on she gave a sincere sorry.

Fortunately the down train was happy to put us into a cosy 1st class carriage and drop us at Campbell’s for hot drinks in front of a cheery fire.

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